Rent a car Islamabad from UAE

You cannot move easily and swiftly in Islamabad until you have your own car. If you are a tourist or a businessman on an official trip, it becomes all the more necessary for you to get a car for your movement. The easiest way to have a car at your disposal during your say in this capital city of Pakistan is to get it on rent. The best option for a rental car in Islamabad for you is rci motors. They have been rendering their rental services to tourists and vacationers for a very long time. Also, they have developed a solid reputation as a reliable and efficient service provider. Rent a car Islamabad from UAE so that you face no inconvenience when you set foot in Pakistan.

What do you want from a car rental service when you are in Islamabad? Your desire is to have a car of your choice in a good running condition so that it does not cause any trouble while moving in the city. Another thing that you want is to pay reasonable charges for using the car. RCI Motors passes both these tests in high marks. They are known for their beautiful and well maintained cars. They are also a company that charges one of the lowest rentals for their cars.

Get the car that you need

RCI Motors is a car rental company that boasts of cars of all shapes and sizes. They have cars made by Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Hyundai, and many other leading car companies. You can get a small car that saves fuel and money or choose a compact sedan for your family. On the other hand, only sky is the limit if you can afford large and luxurious cars like BMW and Mercedes. RCI Motors also has a wide variety of SEV’s to satisfy many of its clients.

Tariff plans that help in saving money

Why pay a daily tariff when you need the car for 7 or more days? You become eligible for weekly tariff plan of RCI Motors. Similarly, the company executives take care to discuss the requirements of the client and suggest the best tariff plan to him to help him save his hard earned money.

You can easily book a car for your transport in Islamabad by placing a phone call or through online booking. Using this facility, you can rent a car Islamabad from UAE in no time at all.


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