Travelling in Islamabad on Your Own

Rent Cars Islamabad.jpg

Travelling is never so easy till the availability of rent a car service Islamabad. Before the service one with no facility of vehicle could only think of visiting the places and exploring the beauty. Hiring a car is best solution if you want to travel in group or have a relaxing journey, hiring a car is the best option. The facilities car rental services provide are:

Versatile Fleet

Rent a car services have a wide range of fleet providing classic, economy, luxury, executive or green cars. Be it a Mehran, Corolla, Altis or Lemozine, they have everything in their showcase. You can always select for the best and most appropriate car as per your requirement.

Policies & Bookings

Rent a car provide easy services with online booking, booking via app or telephonic booking. The easy booking conditions make it easy for customers to hire a car at a distance of one phone call. Smart phone and availability of app has also make is easy for swift online booking.

Bookings are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with easy policies. Just tell the name to book the car, and timing with the advance payment and there you go.

Cars for all occasions

Rent a car service Islamabad provides cars, vehicles, buses and coasters for all occasions. Be it a wedding, or a recreational or educational trip or a corporate convoy, a hired car is the best solution to all the occasions.


Cars and vehicles are equipped with GPS and hence one could not get lost if travelling in Islamabad for the first time.  Also any car can be tracked via GPS. Hence it is safe to travel in the city and its suburbs.

Self-Driven or Driver

Rent a car services are provided with drivers which are highly professional and have efficient route knowledge. Companies also provide self-driven cars but their rates differ from car to car or location to location.


The rates depend upon booking duration, car and driver. Normally the fuel tank is full when the car leaves the garage and needs to be refilled if tank ran out of fuel on client’s expense. The rates after the negotiated time differ on the basis of car. Normally it is 1/5th of the negotiated price per day or sometime per hour.

Travelling is no more a hard nut to crake with the availability of car rental services in town. Normally they are offered in every city yet the services differed depending upon the requirements of the natives.


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